If you went to any of the candidate forums when I ran for District Judge in 2016, you know that I love firearms.  

So in this space I'm going to just put links, pictures - you name it.  


Nedbalek Law Office, LLC

I really like the 5" barrel with the full underlug.  My understanding is that only the 5" version has the full underlug, but some of the 629's in TALO form seem to have the full underlug.

What I think would surprise most people is that every review I've read says, and my own experience shooting a 4" barrel version confirms, that this is the most accurate gun I've ever shot!  

Plus, you can shoot .44 special which has much less kick than the .44 magnum.

These .44 magnums can stop a Kodiak bear!  I like the idea of being able to carry a small revolver like this while hiking that can protect you from ANYTHING in North America.

And, the Lee reloading dies for .44 magnum can also reload .44 special with nothing extra required.